What is Phrenic?

Phrenic is a new kind of thriller you watch, read, and play. You can watch episodes and read stories online, but the mobile games and the most recent content are only available through the Phrenic iOS app. You can also submit your own stories or videos to be part of Phrenic.

Download Phrenic.

How should I begin watching Phrenic?

It doesn’t matter where you start. The episodes are numbered because it makes sense to watch them in that order, but you could easily begin Phrenic by reading the interactive story The Doll or by browsing the website for Life Identical. You’ll uncover different details based on where you choose to start and you’ll see the story from a different angle than someone who started at another place. This makes it different than a movie or TV show. But if you need a recommendation, start with the video episodes.

Is Phrenic a feature film? Or a webseries? Or what?

It’s “what.” At times Phrenic looks like a webseries because there are episodic videos on YouTube. But there are also mobile games available through the iOS app and lots of other ways to absorb the story. (Phrenic is definitely not a feature film broken up into chapters, because no one wants that.) At some point there may be a feature film, but it would just be one more piece of the overall story.

What’s the story of Phrenic about?

In seven days, Alison Taylor will kill her husband. Alison hears objects talking to her, telling her she won’t be safe until her husband is dead. Frank, her husband, works as a research scientist for a nanogenetic company called Life Identical. He wants to make sure Alison is getting the help she needs by going to a psychiatrist and taking medication. But something about him seems… different.

That’s how the first video episodes of Phrenic begin. But read The Doll to see the story from a different angle. Is Alison insane? Is her husband involved in human cloning? Is that doll really talking to her? Some questions will be answered in another story, but you may end up questioning those answers too.

I have some cool ideas. Can I contribute to Phrenic?

Yes! You can contribute fan-generated content using our Theatrics page. Visit http://theatrics.com/phrenic.

Who is behind Phrenic?

Mike Vogel is the creator of Phrenic.

How will Phrenic end?

There is no plan to end Phrenic