You can be a character in Phrenic

1. Invent an interesting character. Interesting-ness comes from conflict: is someone trying to kill you? Are you trying to kill someone? Are you hiding out? Are you planning something crazy?

2. It's okay to wear a disguise or mask to hide the identity of your clone. You could even explain the dangers that force you to hide your identity.

3. Don't "break character" by talking about Phrenic or the Go Clone Yourself contest. Imagine you're a character in a movie who doesn't know they're a character in a movie.

4. Upload your video to YouTube, Instagram, Vine, or our Theatrics page. Be sure to include the hashtag #GoCloneYourself or mention @PhrenicWorld on Twitter or Facebook.

Tell us what it's like
to be a human clone.

Need Inspiration?

•  Describe what you remember about the laboratory where Life Identical manufactured clones

•  Reveal the story of how you were liberated (or kidnapped) from Life Identical

•  Have you ever seen another clone or your "original" out in public? What did you do?

• Tell about an "impossible memories" such as having your arm amputated in a car accident even though you have both arms. (This could indicate you were cloned to replace a limb or vital organ.)

•  Do you have any scars or tattoos but don't know how they got there

•  Are you secretly broadcasting webcam videos from within Life Identical?

•  Are you living freely in regular society? Or does Stop Life Identical have you trapped in a room or basement somewhere? Did you exchange one prison for another?

Don't wait, #GoCloneYourself!